The OCYVBL tournament series has continued to grow tremendously since its inception nearly 16 years ago. This year, the  tournament series will offer an all-local schedule eliminating the need to travel outside the Orange County borders.


OCYVBL tournament entry for the 2019 years is $80 for u10s and $100 for all others.

OCYVBL tournament series

Junior Spikers is a program designed to provide training in all the fundamental skills of volleyball in a positive, fun, and encouraging environment. Our skilled, energetic coaches will prepare you for our end of the session one-day tournament hosted by OCYVBL. Players will split into groups according to experience on day 1, which makes this a program that can be repeated. 


Junior Spikers is directed by coach Kelli Talmage, who is one of our most skilled and decorated coaches. Her experience spans from winning medals at JOs, to coaching All-American players, as well as helping our youngest athletes fall in love with the sport of volleyball. The coaching staff for junior spikers consists of experienced clinic and club coaches.


Practices and tournaments will always be held on Saturdays, with the option to add on a second day of weekly training. 



VolleyHigh teams are provided with professional training where players are given an opportunity to improve their skills in a developmental environment.  We focus on fundamentals, fostering a love of the game, with lots of playing and fewer players on a team. VolleyHigh is offered year round in 3 sessions: Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer. Within each season, there will be 1-2 tournaments each month.  Tournaments are held at Laguna Beach Volleyball Club.  VolleyHigh is a perfect program for the busy, multi-sport athlete or player who just wants an introduction to the sport without the time commitment of our Travel or Regional Teams.


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